Put a Little Wool in Your World


The cat is out of the bag

and the

sheep are out of the barn…

wool pellets are now available in our retail stores

across Canada!


   Wool Pellets    

Creating eco-gardens one sheep at a time 



  Wool pellets are as natural as you can get. They are 100% wool, no fillers, no chemicals added.

  Wool retains water. Using pellets in the soil means available water being held near the plant roots where it’s needed. This means less frequent watering and a cost savings on water

   When wool pellets take on water they expand. This micro expansion creates air pockets in the soil therefore improving the aeration of soil and boosting plant health.


  Wool pellets are slow to breakdown which equates to slow release of the organic components over time.  The N, P, K analysis of wool is 9-0-2.

  Wool pellets are lightweight making them well suited for plant pots in the home and for roof top gardens.

  Wool pellets are THE eco-solution for environmentally conscious gardeners and plant lovers


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How To Use

Using wool pellets is nearly as simple as what’s in them.

   premix ½ cup of pellets with 1 gallon of soil, place in the seed row or plant pot
   place a light layer of wool pellets around an existing plant
   work or push pellets directly into the soil


Click the link for how to use video and more information: 




Our Partnership with Wild Valley Farms


CCWG knew it wanted to produce pellets on a commercial scale to suit the volume of wool it collects but getting our own equipment operational is going to take time.

Meanwhile Wild Valley Farms in Utah, USA has been in the commercial pellet business for several years. Rather than go it alone and foster competition CCWG aimed for a work-together approach and reached out to the owner of Wild Valley Farms directly.

Several conversations and one site visit later, a collaboration was agreed upon that will help both Wild Valley Farms and CCWG grow in the marketplace and expand the good news story about wool pellets both North and South of the border. If the true aim is to see wool pellets succeed, then everyone - from sheep producer right on up to end user - wins.

To initiate our agreement with Wild Valley Farms, CCWG made a one-time purchase of a load of Wild Valley Farms wool pellets for distribution in Canada. At the same time CCWG sent a truck load (44,000 pounds) of Canadian wool to the USA for processing into wool pellets. The one-time shipment of Wild Valley Farms pellets and the made-with-Canadian-wool pellets are on the shelves of our retail stores www.ccwg.ca today.

Wild Valley Farms is family owned and have generously offered to share knowledge and assist CCWG as we navigate the commercial wool pellet business and get our own Canadian manufactured pellet equipment up and running. This type of collaboration between companies does not come along everyday.

To learn more about Wild Valley Farms and wool pellets visit www.wildvalleyfarms.com/ wool-pellets.html