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Porta Trough

Porta Trough

Price: $104.95  | 

Portable feed or water trough for year round use.

Long enough to enable rapid feeding of sheep and short enough that 2 or more can easily be carried by hand or ATV. Base is 60" long x 12.25" wide x 5.25" deep 

Feeds about 8 adult sheep in full fleece - 3 down each side and 1 on each end

Feeds up to 10 adult goats

Difficult for animals to tip over.  

Stackable for easy movement and storage. 

Side handle allows it to be inverted with a toe to tip out water or ice and won't break if water freezes in it. 

For Sheep & Goats - Rounded inner base is slick so sheep and goats dislike stepping in them. We find that it feeds about 8 adult sheep in full fleece (3 down each side and one on each end) and up to 10 adult goats.

For Ducks & Geese - Excellent all-purpose trough for birds and small animals also works well for providing feed or water to waterfowl (which consume vast quantities of water!)  The deep water allows them to immerse their heads to clean eyes and nostrils. Side hole in trough makes it easy to tip over to dump old water. High sides reduce wastage when used for feed.

For Livestock Protection Dogs - Some dogs like to cover their food or tip over food troughs. The height and length of PortaTroughs prevents this.

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