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Heiniger Combs

Heiniger Combs

Price: $44.95  | 

Heiniger through their innovativeness and their research and development department in Australia have expanded their range of shearing combs.

Whether you need a comb to be used on fine woolled, open or dense woolled sheep or second shear strong woolled lambs, we have a comb to suit you.

Traditional Shearing

Awesome / full thickness - 92 mm wide / long bevel comb
Exceptional entry and returning a polished finish in the toughest fine wool 

Charger - 92 mm wide / 3.5 bevel
Specifically designed for New Zealand and UK conditions

Moustache Pro Legend - 92 mm / 5 mm bevel

Quasar - 95 mm / 4mm bevel
allows easy entry which brings high tallies in free combing fine wools

Rapier / Full thickness 86 mm wide / long bevel comb

Easy entry in damp, sticky wool, a favourite in crutching cradles



Quick Shearing

Incorporating latest advancements in comb manufacturing 

Freak / Run-in 94.5 mm wide / Long bevel comb - right

Pro Rebel 7  - 92 mm - right 

Warrior 3.5 - right

X Press 6 - 93.5 mm 6 mm bevel - right


Tough Shearing

Mach 9 cover comb - 94 mm wide / long bevel comb

Specially designed to shear in extra tough sheep


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