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CCWG Livestock Supplies

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Take Time! Take Time!

Glyn Jones' most recent DVD aims to show that with careful training and a lot of patience, a handler and a good farm dog can become a potentially winning team.

Region Available: Canada



That'll Do! That'll Do!

A follow-up DVD to "Come Bye! and Away!", this video deals with the second stage of sheepdog training.

Region Available: Canada



Working Horses of the 90's Working Horses of the 90's

From the ranch horse of the west to the farm and forestry horses of Britain and North America, this two hour DVD explores the many ways that today's horses have continued to earn their living in rural life.

Region Available: Canada



Working with Wool Working with Wool

A comprehensive DVD that follows through the process of selecting, washing, dying, carding and spinning wool.

Region Available: Canada



Ear Notcher Ear Notcher

Simple and easy way to make permanent notches on an ear or an ear tag.

For sheep, goats, pigs and cattle.

Makes a notch of up to 3/4 of an inch.

Region Available: Canada



Becoming An Effective Rider Becoming An Effective Rider

Learn to maximize the use of riding and lesson time.

Like all other athletes, horseback riders benefit from both mental and physical training.

Region Available: Canada



Electranet Electranet

Electrified netting 1 metre high, excellent for sheep and goats

50 metres (165 ft)

Region Available: Canada



Electrostop 10/42/12 Double Spike Electrostop 10/42/12 Double Spike

42” high, has 10 horizontal twines with large white plastic vertical struts every 12”

White PVC posts are built into the mesh every 12.5 ft  - double spike

Also available: Single spike

Region Available: Canada



Emasculatome Emasculatome

Strong, precise action.  

Many prefer this tool for castrating older lambs.

Excellent for castrating ram lambs up to 90 days of age

Region Available: Canada



Ewe Production Cards Ewe Production Cards

10 for $3.00

Record keeping is an important aspect of sheep production.

Certain basic records should be kept to monitor flock performance such as  blood lines, lambing date, sex, ID, weight, breeding, fleece etc

Region Available: Canada



Ezereel Wind-Up - Large Ezereel Wind-Up - Large

Much faster than using the hand/elbow method of rolling up, and will keep it neater and untangled.

Easier to use because the reel itself is supported by a strap around the neck instead of a hand.

Region Available: Canada



The Old Farmers Almanac The Old Farmers Almanac

The original Farmer's Almanac founded in 1792

The Old Farmer's Almanac is a reference book that contains weather forecasts, tide tables, planting charts, astronomical data, recipes.

Region Available: Canada



FarmWorks Livestock Management Software & Psion FarmWorks Livestock Management Software & Psion

Psion Workabout Pro Handheld Stock Recorder & FarmWorks Software
by Shearwell Data Ltd

Since its creation in 1998, the livestock management program has come a long way, continually improving and adding functionality.

The program, suitable for cattle and sheep, can help not only the pedigree breeder, but also the commercial farmer to identify the productive and non-productive stock and identify where those animals came from.

Fully integrated with Bluetooth enabled readers.

Region Available: Canada



Felco Holster Felco Holster
Quality leather holster for foot shears

Region Available: Canada



Felco 50 Foot Shear Felco 50 Foot Shear
Foot shear with rotating handle to reduce hand fatigue and blisters.

Region Available: Canada



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