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Pritchard Flutter Valve Teat  Pritchard Flutter Valve Teat

Fits 28mm screw thread glass or plastic solf drink bottles.

Flutter valve prevents lambs from swallowing air when bottle is empty.

This nipple features a durable screw-on base that fits most soft drink bottles.

Region Available: Canada



Prolapse Harness Prolapse Harness

A realistically priced harness for secure retention of prolapses without the need for stitching.

Can be used in conjunction with the Ewespoon.

Region Available: Canada



Pro Mark Spray Marker Pro Mark Spray Marker
Pro Mark Spray is highly visible, weather-resistant aerosol marker.

Region Available: Canada



Lambing Snare Pull-Eze Lambing Snare Pull-Eze

This plastic lambing snare is a simple and safe aid in difficult lambings. 

You can assist the lamb from the ewe with greater ease and with less chance of injury

Region Available: Canada



RaidL Animal Marking Crayons RaidL Animal Marking Crayons

For fast and easy identification of livestock, the RaidL marking crayon is our premium marking stick.

Region Available: Canada



Ram Crayons Ram Crayons

Mating identification for ewes.

Region Available: Canada



Ram Harness - Anti-chafe Ram Harness - Anti-chafe

Holds the ram crayons to record the service of your rams.

Region Available: Canada



Ram Harness - Leather Ram Harness - Leather

Holds the ram crayons to record the service of your rams.

Region Available: Canada



Ram Harness Nylon Ram Harness Nylon

Holds the ram crayons to record the service of your rams.

Available in nylon


Region Available: Canada



Ram Shields Ram Shields

Ram Shields are used to block the ram's forward vision which prevents rams from charging humans or other rams.

Region Available: Canada



Rhinehart Electric Dehorner Rhinehart Electric Dehorner

Model X-30

Will do a good dehorning job that does not have a horn larger at the base that the inside of the Dehorning ring (7/8 in to 5/8 in tapered inside diameter.)

Dehorning should be done as soon as the horn button can be located.

Region Available: Canada



Ring Expander Ring Expander

Small tool castrates and docks.

Easy to learn and do.

Inexpensive, quick & bloodless.

Use for castrating and docking lambs and goat kids.

Region Available: Canada



Rutland Treadin  Rutland Treadin

Ideal for single wire portable or temporary fencing applications.

Blue poly post with multiple positioning for wires and tape to control domestic and wild animals.

Excellent quality

Region Available: Canada



Saboten 1210 Trimmer Saboten 1210 Trimmer

Lightweight and compact hoof trimmer

Features very sharp blades

Easy action handles for effortless cutting

Region Available: Canada



Scale - Utility Spring Scale - Utility Spring

Scales are graduated in kgs and pounds.

A high quality scale with metallic casing.

Made in Germany

Region Available: Canada



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