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25-50MR Syringe 25-50MR Syringe

Allflex / Phillips Model Syringe  

25 ml or 50 ml repeater syringe

It will accurately deliver one of five preselected dosages 

Region Available: Canada



Callicrate Bander Kit Callicrate Bander Kit

Bloodless, high tension method of non-surgical removal for castration, de-horning and prolapse treatment.
Can be used for delayed castration & horn removal for cattle, goats, sheep and yaks.

Region Available: Canada



Castrator Rings 100 Castrator Rings 100

Box of 100 antiseptic rubber rings for castrating

Fly-strike is less likely with this method than other methods because it's bloodless.

Region Available: Canada



Castrator Rings 500 Castrator Rings 500

Box of 500 antiseptic rubber rings for castrating

Fly-strike is less likely with this method than other methods because it's bloodless.

Region Available: Canada



Plastic Disposable Boots Plastic Disposable Boots

Box of 25 pair – large 

4 mm plastic disposable boots

Region Available: Canada



Double Crush Emasculator Double Crush Emasculator

Blood loss is minimal because blood vessels are crushed before they are cut.  

Stress on the lamb is less than with the rubber rings.

Region Available: Canada



Ear Notcher Ear Notcher

Simple and easy way to make permanent notches on an ear or an ear tag.

For sheep, goats, pigs and cattle.

Makes a notch of up to 3/4 of an inch.

Region Available: Canada



Emasculatome Emasculatome

Strong, precise action.  

Many prefer this tool for castrating older lambs.

Excellent for castrating ram lambs up to 90 days of age

Region Available: Canada



Henke Automatic Syringe Henke Automatic Syringe

Pistol grip syringes, designed for rapid, multiple operations.

Single dial setting gives repeated accurate doses of 1 cc to 5 cc

Region Available: Canada



Rhinehart Electric Dehorner Rhinehart Electric Dehorner

Model X-30

Will do a good dehorning job that does not have a horn larger at the base that the inside of the Dehorning ring (7/8 in to 5/8 in tapered inside diameter.)

Dehorning should be done as soon as the horn button can be located.

Region Available: Canada



Ring Expander Ring Expander

Small tool castrates and docks.

Easy to learn and do.

Inexpensive, quick & bloodless.

Use for castrating and docking lambs and goat kids.

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Balling Gun Sheep Balling Gun
Small blue plastic balling gun for sheep, lambs and calves

Region Available: Canada



Small Flock Drencher Small Flock Drencher

Used for administering dewormers and oral medicine to sheep and goats

Brass ball on end prevents tissue damage

Marked in 5 ml increments up to 30 ml

Simple and durable.

No risk of needle sticks to human handlers when drenching.

Region Available: Canada



Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer


A six second digital thermometer that is dependable and easy to measure body temperatures in a variety of animals. 

The thermometer is lightweight and features the latest technology with four-digit LCD display for pinpoint accuracy. 

Region Available: Canada