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Agri-Gel Agri-Gel

An antiseptic lubricant for veterinary use – for manually assisted deliveries, ultrasonic detection and ear tagging

Region Available: Canada



Ewe Production Cards Ewe Production Cards

10 for $3.00

Record keeping is an important aspect of sheep production.

Certain basic records should be kept to monitor flock performance such as  blood lines, lambing date, sex, ID, weight, breeding, fleece etc

Region Available: Canada



Ewespoon Ewespoon
Package of 4
Least expensive response to prolapses.
Every shepherd should have at least one on hand.
An improved model with no rough edges and an extra tying position for greater stability.

Region Available: Canada



Lamb Puller Lamb Puller

An extremely hygienic lambing aid

Rubber is significantly softer and kinder to lambs in use

Unlike traditional rope it will not damage or scald legs.

Region Available: Canada



Lamb Sling Lamb Sling

An adjustable nylon web sling for carrying or weighing newborn lambs

Can be used with the digital or utility scale for weighing newborn lambs

Region Available: Canada



OB Plastic Gloves  long OB Plastic Gloves long

Standard size - package of 100   

Long disposable plastic gloves made of strong pliable polyethylene plastic film. 

Region Available: Canada



OB Latex Gloves - wrist length OB Latex Gloves - wrist length

Package of 100 

Wrist length disposable latex gloves

Region Available: Canada



Prolapse Harness Prolapse Harness

A realistically priced harness for secure retention of prolapses without the need for stitching.

Can be used in conjunction with the Ewespoon.

Region Available: Canada



Lambing Snare Pull-Eze Lambing Snare Pull-Eze

This plastic lambing snare is a simple and safe aid in difficult lambings. 

You can assist the lamb from the ewe with greater ease and with less chance of injury

Region Available: Canada



Scale - Utility Spring Scale - Utility Spring

Scales are graduated in kgs and pounds.

A high quality scale with metallic casing.

Made in Germany

Region Available: Canada



Lamb Woolover Lamb Woolover
Lamb Woolovers are a cost effective practical tool to reduce lamb mortality at the critical new born stage (0 - 12) hours after birth. 
They reduce workload because shelter is taken to the lamb in poor weather, no need to deal with lambs in the shed. 
They reduce the risk of rejection in newborn lambs separated from their mother.

Region Available: Canada