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Agri-Gel Agri-Gel

An antiseptic lubricant for veterinary use – for manually assisted deliveries, ultrasonic detection and ear tagging

Region Available: Canada



Bucket Holder   Bucket Holder

Hot-dip galvanized to extend life! 

A welded wire bracket that easily drops into place onto wire panels or 1” wood, yet holds round and square buckets securely. 

Unique design prevents orphans from freeing the pail

Region Available: Canada



Bucket Teat Unit Bucket Teat Unit

Use for feeding orphan lambs, kids & calves.

Includes one washer, but not a nipple.

Additional washers may also be needed when using thinner walled buckets.

Use our wrench to tighten or loosen the plastic gray "nut".

Region Available: Canada



Colostrum Bottles Colostrum Bottles

Colostrum storage bottles - set of 3


Region Available: Canada



Colostrum Feeder  Colostrum Feeder

- Colostrum Feeder Bottle & Latex Tube 

- 60 ml Syringe Colostrum Feeder & Latex Tube

Region Available: Canada



Ewe Production Cards Ewe Production Cards

10 for $3.00

Record keeping is an important aspect of sheep production.

Certain basic records should be kept to monitor flock performance such as  blood lines, lambing date, sex, ID, weight, breeding, fleece etc

Region Available: Canada



Ewespoon Ewespoon
Package of 4
Least expensive response to prolapses.
Every shepherd should have at least one on hand.
An improved model with no rough edges and an extra tying position for greater stability.

Region Available: Canada



First Start Colostrum First Start Colostrum

F1RST START 50 is used to aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer of immunity with 50 grams of bovine origin IgG in a 350 gram feeding.

Region Available: Canada



Immu-Start Immu-Start

Dry Colostrum in a  400 gm pouch 

A powdered immuo-globulin colostrum replacement of bovine origin. 

It is designed to replace or supplement the colostrum milk received by newborns. 

Region Available: Canada



Lambar 6 Lamb Feeding Station Lambar 6 Lamb Feeding Station

3.5 Gallon capacity

Safe, sanitary feeder has form-fitting locking cover to eliminate spillage.

Dispenses milk free choice; self feeding.

Region Available: Canada



LambGro / KidGro Colostrum LambGro / KidGro Colostrum

Dry Colostrum in a  700 gm pouch = 20 lamb feedings

To supplement or replace ewe colostrum when quality or quantity of available ewe/doe colostrum is inadequate

Region Available: Canada



Lamb Nipple Latex Lamb Nipple Latex

For use with the lamb pail feeders

Use latex nipples to get them started and then switch them over to red rubber nipples

Red Latex nipples have the most teat-like feel
   - recommended for goats 

Region Available: Canada



Lamb Nipple Rubber Lamb Nipple Rubber

For use with the lamb pail feeders

Red Rubber nipples are the most durable. 

Sturdy red rubber nipples are the best choice for lambs and kids over 2 weeks of age.

Region Available: Canada



Lamb Nipples - Black Lamb Nipples - Black

Box of 12

Lamb nipple fits neck of soft drink bottle.

Made of black gum rubber. 

Patented vent prevents nipple collapse and permits constant flow of milk.

Region Available: Canada



Lamb Pail Feeder - Square Lamb Pail Feeder - Square

Made of white plastic with a lid.

Complete with 5 nipples and valve assemblies.

Region Available: Canada



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