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101 Arena Exercises 101 Arena Exercises
A ringside guide for horse & rider. 

101 Arena Exercises is a ringside exercise book for riders who want to improve their own and their horse's skills.

The book is presented in a unique "read-and-ride" format that allows it to be hung like a calendar for quick and easy reference.

Region Available: Canada



Storey’s Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America Storey’s Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America

A complete book on all the horses of North America has never been available until now.

Here is the comprehensive guide, featuring in-depth profiles and photographs, to 96 breeds that call North America home.

You'll find homegrown favorites, such as the Morgan, Appaloosa, and Quarter Horse, along with the less-known Nakota, McCurdy Plantation, and Florida Cracker horses.

Region Available: Canada



Story’s Barn Guide to Horse Health Care & First Aid Story’s Barn Guide to Horse Health Care & First Aid

Essential techniques with a hands-free format.

Your helping hand in the stable. 

You want your horse to thrive, and you would like to handle as much of his health care as possible on your own.

Now you can do just that with this sturdy, flip-open guide to all basic equine health procedures.

Region Available: Canada



The Basics of Western Riding 	The Basics of Western Riding

Experience the thrills, challenges and fun of Western Riding

Beginning riders and Western Riders of all ages and skill levels will love this complete guide to the exciting world of Western riding.

Region Available: Canada



Becoming An Effective Rider Becoming An Effective Rider

Learn to maximize the use of riding and lesson time.

Like all other athletes, horseback riders benefit from both mental and physical training.

Region Available: Canada



The Foaling Primer The Foaling Primer

A Month-by-month guide to raising a healthy foal. Correct handling, health care and training during the first year establish a strong foundation for the rest of a horse’s life.

Region Available: Canada



Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage

Designing and managing your equine facilities.

Effective management requires knowledge, dedication, and a sincere interest in the well-being of horses.

In this thoroughly updated edition of her best selling classic, Cherry Hill teaches you how to be a responsible steward of the land and refine your “horsekeeping consciousness” while providing horses with the best care possible.

Region Available: Canada



Storey's Horse-Lover's Encyclopedia Storey's Horse-Lover's Encyclopedia

Your information lifeline in the barn. 

This hefty, fully illustrated, A-to-Z compendium is an indispensable answer book addressing every question a reader might have about horses and horse care.

Covering breeds, tack, facilities, equine care and management, health and safety issues, riding styles and disciplines, shows, horse professionals and what they do, and much more, this book is a reference that will be turned to again and again.

Region Available: Canada



Stable Smarts Stable Smarts

Pages 312 by Heather Smith Thomas
Storey Publishing 

Sensible advice, quick fixes, and time-tested wisdom from an Idaho Horsewoman. 

Whether you’ve been working with horses for 4 months or 40 years, there’s always something new to learn from other horse people - a quick tip or handy timesaver that’s new to you.

Region Available: Canada



Storey’s Guide to Feeding Horses Storey’s Guide to Feeding Horses

The one issue on which all horse owners agree is that proper diet and nutrition are the most essential aspects of horse care.

In Storey's Guide to Feeding Horses, equine nutritionist Melyni Worth addresses the many ways in which diet impacts a horse's health, temperament, and performance.

Region Available: Canada



How to Think like a Horse How to Think like a Horse
Horse trainer and instructor Cherry Hill believes that every human/horse relationship benefits from a greater human understanding of what motivates horses, how they experience the world, what makes them happy, and what worries them.

Journey through the equine mind with Hill as she explores what makes a horse tick.

Region Available: Canada



Western Practice Lessons Western Practice Lessons

Master the skills of Champion Western Riders!

Make the most of your riding time with Charlene Strickland’s step-by-step lessons. Learn to plan, perform, evaluate, and refine your skills as you perfect the Western riding fundamentals - rhythm, relaxation and suppleness, readiness, engagement and impulsion, and straightness.

Region Available: Canada