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Gallagher HR5 Hand Held  EID Tag Reader Gallagher HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader

Record, edit and customize on site. Full QUERTY keyboard.

Great for age verification. Half duplex and full duplex ISO compliant CCIA verified.

Large easy to read 2.8” backlit colour display screen with high-resolution large graphics including visual and EID tag numbers - easy to read indoors and out

Add and edit animal data. Add and edit data in the yard using the alpha numeric keypad

Region Available: Canada



RFID Stick Reader & Printer by Shearwell Data Ltd RFID Stick Reader & Printer by Shearwell Data Ltd

The stick reader is perhaps the most popular of all readers.

Simple to use, links to a mobile printer or downloads to a computer for your farm movement records.

This unit is ideal for users who want to record movements only, it is not for full management information.

Great for farmers, haulers, lamb buyers, auctioneers, sheep contractors etc.

Region Available: Canada



XRS Stick Tag Reader XRS Stick Tag Reader

The Tru-Test XRS Stick Reader is a portable handheld EID stick reader with Bluetooth wireless technology for roaming while still connected to scale indicator or other device. 

Lightweight, portable and suitable for cattle, sheep, goats, swine and deer

Region Available: Canada