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Leather Bell Straps / Collars Leather Bell Straps / Collars
3/4" wide leather strap for attaching bells

Region Available: Canada



Sweet Chestnut Wooden Crook Sweet Chestnut Wooden Crook
More attractive and much lighter in the hand than oak or hickory crooks

Region Available: Canada



Deck Chair Deck Chair

New design!

Premier's Deck Chair holds sheep reliably in a relaxed position which allows the use of both hands to trim feet, tag ears, examine and medicate.

Restrains heavily pregnant ewes without injury.

Region Available: Canada



Double Ended Crook Double Ended Crook

For catching sheep/goats by the neck or leg.

Double ended crook - 5' long

Solid alloy with neck-hold at one end and leg-hold at other end

Region Available: Canada



Kiwi Crook Kiwi Crook
Coated fiberglass shaft crook for catching sheep & goats by the neck or leg.

Region Available: Canada



Porta Trough Porta Trough

Portable feed or water trough for year round use.

Long enough to enable rapid feeding of sheep and short enough that 2 or more can easily be carried by hand or ATV. Base is 60" long x 12.25" wide x 5.25" deep 

Feeds about 8 adult sheep in full fleece - 3 down each side and 1 on each end

Feeds up to 10 adult goats

Region Available: Canada



Kane Portable Waterer Kane Portable Waterer
Low cost way to provide constant water to small groups of sheep or goats

Region Available: Canada



Ram Shields Ram Shields

Ram Shields are used to block the ram's forward vision which prevents rams from charging humans or other rams.

Region Available: Canada



Sheep Bells - Rectangular #9 Sheep Bells - Rectangular #9
Rectangular bells made of copper plate with strong iron strap loop

Region Available: Canada



Shepherd's Dog Whistle - Plastic Shepherd's Dog Whistle - Plastic

Plastic whistle. 

Piercing tone obtained by manipulation of tongue.

The Shepherd's dog whistle has evolved over the years to help shepherds & others work with "four-legged" field helpers.

The whistle allows commands to carry farther and without the user's vocal inflection interfering with the commands.

Region Available: Canada



Suevia Drinking Bowl Suevia Drinking Bowl
Model 10P

Region Available: Canada