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Heiniger Evo 3 Speed Shearing Machine Heiniger Evo 3 Speed Shearing Machine

New version available with flexible drive shaft and the successful Heiniger Icon Handpiece

The best three speed machine in the world today.

Has ball-bearing support at the top

Region Available: Canada



Heiniger Icon Shearing Handpiece Heiniger Icon Shearing Handpiece

Available with Pin or Worn drive

Designed in conjunction with elite shearers from around the globe, this handpiece exceeds the needs and requirements of professional shearers and farmers.

Region Available: Canada



Heiniger Xpert Clipper Heiniger Xpert Clipper

Xpert sheep shearing machine

The unique & innovative, strong connection between the shearing head & the fibreglass - reinforced housing ensures low vibration shearing.

This shearing machine will amaze anyone who shears.

Region Available: Canada



Heiniger Xtra Shearing Handpiece  Heiniger Xtra Shearing Handpiece

This powerful electric shearing handpiece has a patented floating fork system to provide an even pressure across the comb and cutter, using less pressure and prolonging the life by up to 50%

Ergonomically designed for comfort, and ease of use.

Region Available: Canada



Heiniger Single Speed Shearing Machine Heiniger Single Speed Shearing Machine

With flexible drive shaft and the successful Heiniger Icon handpiece

Includes: Shearing Machine Motor, Icon handpiece , 13 tooth comb 4 pt. cutter, Flexible drive shaft, Ferrule, Clipping oil and grease, Instructions for use

For shearing large flocks of sheep & goats.

Region Available: Canada



Lister DF642 Handpiece Lister DF642 Handpiece

Featuring a triple bearing design and a balanced crank head for extra smooth and cool running with minimal vibration.

The new Nitro handpiece enables professional and competent casual shearers to shear all day in comfort

Nitro features two bearings in the barrel and an extra bearing in the long half to ensure minimal friction.

It has a twin row bearing by the crank for increased resistance against wear and a unique bearing retainer to securely hold the front bearing for extra durability.

Region Available: Canada



Lister Nexus Shearing Machine Lister Nexus Shearing Machine

The Nexus is regarded as a high quality, portable shearing machine widely used around the world.   

Smooth operation, low vibration and whisper quiet.

Region Available: Canada



Lister Laser II Shear  Lister Laser II Shear

Heavy duty, high speed, 170 watt shear, that has great versatility

It features the patented ventilated head, which is interchangeable with sheep head. 

The Laser is cool running in the toughest conditions. 

Region Available: Canada



Oster Shearmaster Handpiece Oster Shearmaster Handpiece

Single speed shearing machine with a 3” shearing head with 13 tooth comb and a 4 point cutter. 

Lightweight, compact design, new cooler running motor.

Region Available: Canada